Baby Shower

Baby showers have traditionally been a way of celebrating forthcoming birth. These gatherings are also a wonderful way of supporting the new mother and her family. The only rule is the expectant mother cannot organise her own shower, this is left, usually, to her female friends, relatives and work colleagues etc. Men are welcome to these occasions as fathers and grandfathers are so much more involved in child rearing these days.

Our baby showers are amazing involving games, challenges, body painting, food, drinks and going home presents for all guests. We have a great range of menus available, not just fabulous food but scrumptious cocktails and mock tails. So contact our party planners to organise this memorable event today!

If your baby shower is held at Kinloch Castle we will give you a gift of a £50 Voucher towards your child's 1st Birthday Celebrations when held at Kinloch Castle.

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