Magic Mail is a unique service from Birthday Dreams where some of your best loved characters will deliver a very special gift personally to your child anywhere in London.

You can choose just about any character you like. We have sent Princesses, Fairies, Pirates and Superheroes. We have even sent Michael Jackson!

You can book any character from wherever you are in the World and they will be sent out to deliver some magic to your children, grand-children, nieces or nephews anywhere in Greater London.

The character will deliver a beautiful scroll rolled up in a ribbon personalised with your special message wishing them a very happy birthday plus we will deliver a personalised gift; choose from a spectacular 'Giant Party Bag' or a Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers. Additionally our characters can deliver any further gift you may wish to give your child.

So imagine this! - Aunty is in New York - her Niece is in London - How lovely would it be for one of our characters to deliver a personal Birthday Wish and a beautiful gift right to that niece's door on the actual day of her birthday!!

Absolute MAGIC!!

For more information and to book 'Magic Mail'

Email: or call 0207 700 2525